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business operations





Business operations

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In order to preserve the financial base the business operations of the Preußische Treuhand GmbH & KG a.A. shall be financed by the interest earned on the proceeds from selling shares. For the time being the workload is relying on volunterr's time only. The current position of the CEO of the GmbH is unsalaried. The same holds true for the office management position.

The management activities concentrate on:

Administrating and securing the claims on real estate and other assets in the Prussian provinces east of the rivers, Oder and Neisse.
The Preußische Treuhand shall be a strategic instrument supported by and for all the organizations of displaced persons or victims and all others who are in some way involved. Purchase of property and other assets in the Prussian provinces east of the Oder and Neisse rivers.
Securing assets from and in the Prussian provinces east of the Oder and Neisse rivers.

Safe-keeping and securing the claims begins with the entry of the data and a description of each claim (for real estate especially the land registry data), requires the submission or acquisition of documentation (e.g. land registry excerpts) and finally ends in asserting the claims against the authorities of the displacing country. Administrating and securing the claims also involves the demand for support and diplomatic protection by the German administration and authorities, the involvement of European authorities, taking legal action where feasible and, last but not least, public relation activities in order to gain public support.

The claimants need to pay a one-time trust enrolment fee plus extra charges for special services, e.g. procurement of documents or notarizations. Unfortunately the current financial situation limits activities to the most important issues. These are, in short, the registration and administration of claims, procurement of documents, taking assertive action on behalf of the claimants against the authorities of the expulsion countries and gaining the support of additional claimants and shareholders by advertising activities.

In the cases of return or repurchase of confiscated properties a trust administration of the process will be required. This can be done either by the management or - as a more practicable approach - by local partners. The costs incurred will have to be paid by the owners who regain their property. A possibly subsequent trust administration may involve the leasing of the property, perhaps to the latest beneficiary. The proceeds from the lease would at least have to cover all administrative expenses. Any profits beyond that would have to be either administrated for the rightful owners or paid out to them.



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