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current situation





The current situation

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The collapse of the totalitarian communist system of the Eastern Block countries in 1989/1990 has created a new situation for all displaced persons, their organizations, and all those involved in the matters of the expulsion territories. The main question of returning to ones home, and especially the return of the property ownership to the rightful owners, has up to now been left unresolved by the German government. The current German administration even openly declines to represent the rights of the displaced persons to their property; while, this right is actually being granted by public international law. In this situation, the German administration can, perhaps, be forced by legal and political means to represent rightful owner's rights. Some organizations of displaced persons are currently pursuing just that. But this pursuit may have a long way to go; and, in the meantime claims may become infeasible, i.e., because deceased leave no heirs or the details have not been communicated sufficiently to the heirs. Claims may also become unmanageable in tangled communities of heirs.



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