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The basic idea

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What is needed is an organization to be set up capable of securing and maintaining the ownership rights of individual displaced persons and administrating these rights on a fiduciary basis, legally and commercially, for the respective displaced persons and their heirs. The Preußische Treuhand, the self-help organization of displaced persons from private German properties in the expulsion territories; shall, as authority, certified by power of attorney, assert individual claims against the expulsion nations.

The power of attorney can prevent the early failure of a restitution due to a lack of activity on the part of the owners. This authorized organization provides the displaced persons with a strategic instrument to secure and execute the restitution of their confiscated properties. The mere existence of such a self-help organization, capable of representing individual plaintiffs commercially, serves to promote the demand for restitution in European politics. This organization will be taken more seriously, also, since it may be capable of accumulating considerable wealth.



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