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future activities





Future activities

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Once the first 1000 shareholders have joined, part-time employees may be employed to support the management and general business activities.
Considering the number of possible prospects and supporters of our organization the accumulation of sufficient capital seems achievable. Yet it remains to be seen if enough people will join and how the organization will develop. There is no extra risk in joining for anybody. The already existing limited liability corporation, as the general partner of the ´Preußische Treuhand GmbH & KG a.A., is liable only to the extend of the liable equity. The partner-shareholders have no risk except for the fees paid for shares and services.

Since the current German government openly refuses any support and even intends to jeopardize the rightful demand for restitution by the German displaced persons or their heirs, taking matters into our own hands has simply become a necessity for everybody involved. In addition, all supporters of the basic human homeland right for the displaced persons and their heirs are called upon to support our self-help organization.

The Preußische Treuhand shall, however, be a strategic instrument for all displaced persons organizations, the victims themselves, and, all others who are involved in this matter.



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